The Year of the Advent

Session #1

The PCs Arrive in Dupont

All of the characters were forced to take refuge in the town of Dupont to wait out the biggest storm of the year. As they entered the small town, they were immediately greeted by the sight of a giant oak in the town center with dozens of fetid corpses hanging from its twisted branches. A crowd of shivering citizens stood before the oak, rain beating down on the gloomy town. The characters spoke with Tate Dudley, a very young and naive town guard, who informed them that another execution was being carried out.

After pushing past the crowd, the players caught sight of a man in shackles, a sack covering his head, who was presumably to-be-executed. A crying woman and three young boys stood out from the crowd, huddled together for warmth in the chilling rain. Everybody except Norn paid it no mind and paved their way to the tavern, The Tipsy Pig. Norn stayed behind to speak with the woman, who he then found was named Eva Blue. Eva offered to speak with Norn at her house, though as they left, her and her children caught sight of the hanging.

The crowd dispersed, and everybody other than Norn found themselves in an indescribably disgusting tavern. The Tipsy Pig was not the finest tavern the characters had ever stayed at, that was for sure. They all took seats at the bar — some asked for ale, some for food, though ultimately only James decided to brave the risks of trying the “stew” After the bartender demanded eight silver for the stew, James attempted to haggle with him, and the bartender offered to give him the “house special”. Meanwhile, Klea began to be harassed by a Dupont guard named Phil and his posse. The bartender brought the “house special” back for James, and claimed it was “on the house”. James began to eat it, and enjoyed it thoroughly at first, but discovered the rotting carcass of a rat submerged in the stew after a few bites. James managed to fight back his urge to vomit, while Phil, the guard, nearly pushed Klea to his breaking point.

The guard that the characters had spoken to earlier, Tate Dudley, arrived at the tavern just in time to defuse the situation between Phil and Klea. He suggested that the characters not stay at The Tipsy Pig, but rather follow him to a safer resting place.

While all this business was going on in the tavern, Norn, who had already arrived at Eva Blue’s house, discussed the situation of the town with his host and then offered to cook them a fine meal. They accepted, and Norn cooked a plentiful amount of a family-style dish for him, Eva, and her children, urging the children to eat their “greenie growies”.

A knock came at the door to Eva’s home, and as she answered, she was greeted with the sight of Tate Dudley and all of the other characters. Tate quickly explained that the characters needed a place to stay, and Eva offered a bed for each and every one of them in her basement.

The characters gradually made themselves comfortable, and everybody enjoyed Norn’s home-cooked meal. They discussed the details of the town a bit more over dinner, and then everybody retired to their beds for the evening. Everybody went to sleep save Klea, who decided he would stay up a few hours to keep watch.

After about an hour, Tate Dudley left the house. A few more hours passed before the PCs heart a deafening scream from the upper floor — everybody was awakened by this. Groggily, the characters made their way back up the stairs and caught sight of several armed and armored men. They seemed intent on raping Eva Blue, now that her husband was not in the picture — however, the characters were not going to let that fly.

The characters ambushed the men and set upon them, felling two of them right off the bat with little difficulty. Gradually, they made their way through each and every last one of them — though, not without difficulty. Kory almost dies after rushing headlong at the door to get a potshot in, though lady luck decides to spare him for another day. He is simply knocked unconscious and is then taken as a hostage. After cutting down every bandit except the one holding Kory hostage, they attempt to get the bandit to let Kory go. He tries to cut a deal with the characters, however, he is surprised by an attack from Eva Blue from behind, who clubs him in the back of the head with a lamppost, finishing him off.

After the brutal melee concluded, Klea dragged the bodies out into the corridor and looted them of all they were worth, finding a net total of two gold spread amongst them. They stripped them of their handaxes and poor quality breastplates. Another knock came at the door, and Norn, being the least bloody, decided to answer. A tall, lanky man was at the doorstep — they would later come to find that this man’s name was Duncan, a neighbor of Eva’s. He began to run in fear, but Eva Blue caught his attention at the last second, preventing a potential disaster. He reluctantly came into the house, inquired if Eva was okay, and then discussed the situation with the characters.

Everybody retired once more, except Klea and Duncan, who offered to keep watch upstairs while everybody else rested. They had a talk for a while, in which Duncan revealed that there are a number of people waiting to rebel against the Baron, and that the characters would be a great help in doing so. He also informed Klea that a sizable amount of treasure exists in the Baron’s treasury, and that the characters were free to help themselves if they assisted. Klea asserted that he did not care about the treasure, and that he was in for the ride so long as a good fight was guaranteed.

Duncan looked over the bodies and informed Klea that they needed to be moved. Luckily, Duncan owned a cart, ropes, and sheets — exactly the materials they needed to load up the bodies, move them out of town, and hide them. Duncan left to obtain these materials and came back an hour later, at which point Klea woke up Norn. They all then tied up corpses and loaded them into the cart. When the cart was packed and they were ready to depart, Norn offered to stay behind and clean up the rest of the mess while Klea and Duncan hid the bodies. Norn gave his shovel to Duncan, and both Duncan and Klea set off into the woods without difficulty.

About 1000 feet out of town, they came off the road and Duncan began to dig the mass grave for the bodies while Klea kept watch. Halfway through, a pack of three wolves set upon the men, and Klea tossed his longsword to Duncan. Klea assured Duncan to stay calm, which proved effective, and Duncan steadied his sword in preparation for combat. Klea immediately felled two of the wolves and Duncan barely nicked the last one. On Duncan’s next swing, he missed, and paid for it as the wolf bit into his leg and dragged him to the muddy ground. Klea, infuriated by this, brought his sword so heavily down into the wolf that it splattered into a gory mess.

After the fight finished, Duncan managed to wrap his wound temporarily, and Klea finished digging the grave while Duncan watched. Klea buried the bodies, and they packed up to leave. Just as they began to leave, they witnessed a bear consuming the corpses of the wolves they had just slain. They made a few idle comments about it before setting off once more, eventually reaching Dupont again safely and making their way back to Eva Blue’s house. Calvin provided Duncan with an elixir he made to speed the healing process, which Duncan then drank before going downstairs to rest himself. Norn was able to clean up every last drop of blood and gore, and he stowed the arms and armor from their earlier assailants in the basement — he figured they could be used to arm the rebellion later on.

At long last, the adventure concluded with Kory and Duncan sleeping off their wounds while everybody else rested, save for Klea, who once again kept watch while everybody else recuperated. It had certainly been a long day, but the character’s troubles were just beginning.


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